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Solutions to common errors:

"Incorrect PTYPE. Contact the library" -- this means that you are not using the right library website for your location.

If your location in your library account is for a regional hospital and you are using the Main Campus site, or vice-versa, you will get this error.

Library websites:

"Bad ID or Password": you can reset your library password here.

Your password must be at least 8 characters and have 1 letter, 1 number, no special characters.

Use this form to report a problem with any of the library's online resources, including databases, journals, ebooks, etc.
e.g. Scopus, Journal of Surgery, etc.
copy/paste from your browser's search bar, e.g.
Internet Connection
What type of internet connection was used when the problem occurred?
Device Type
What type of device was used to access the resource when the problem occurred?

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. Many applications will not work properly.

Please try using another browser.

Chrome is the official browser for Cleveland Clinic. If you are using a Cleveland Clinic-owned device and need Chrome installed, call 4HELP (216-444-4357) or submit a ticket through MyServiceNow.

How to change your default browser.

Which browser was used when the problem occurred?
Please describe the problem. If you encountered an error message, include the exact text here.
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64 MB limit.
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